Navy Balls and Christmas Parties: It’s Time to Socialize

23 09 2012

If you’re new to an area and just moved into town, chances are you don’t have too many friends around to talk to. In fact, moving is one of the hardest transitions that any spouse can encounter while their significant other is serving. One minute you’re in a circle of friends, next minute you’re scrambling to make new ones. Aside from social networking, there are a couple of command functions that both you and your spouse can enjoy together, and also provide you a chance of meeting some new faces.
Command Christmas Parties
Christmas parties are a great way to get introduced to the “family.” By family, I mean the people that you’re going to be with until your next set of orders. This interesting mix of people are going to be your sources of information for anything ranging from phone numbers to ship’s scheduling, and the amount of information that can be obtained never ceases to amaze me. The Christmas party also gives you an opportunity to come across ship’s Ombudsman and FRG President; two individuals that will be able to give you the most insight as to what a ship’s current status is during a deployment. These two individuals are the ones that are supposed to keep you informed while your spouse is out to sea, and have direct links with senior personnel on the ship to get their information. The overall purpose of the Christmas party is to socialize, meet new people and enjoy a few drinks responsibly. The time for each individual command’s Christmas party to occur varies between each command. I recommend going at least once to enjoy the company of others and possibly win some prizes, which could include days off from the ship or station.
Navy-Marine Corps Ball
The Navy Ball is another event that provides you with an opportunity to meet new couples. The main purpose of the event is to bring all members of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps., regardless of rank, together to celebrate the Navy’s birthday. The occasion will happen around the 13th of October and the proceeds go to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. It’s a formal event that requires participants to dress the part. Service members will be in dress uniform, and their spouse will wear either a dress for the females, or a suit for the guys. During the festivity there are guest speakers that talk about historical traditions, as well as the current developments the Navy is going through. After the guest speakers are finished, a very nice dinner is served along with complimentary bottles of wine. Once the wining and dining is finished, people can put on their dance shoes and dance to music performed by the Navy band. It’s one of those events that I would recommend any service member to attend at least once with their spouse. For more information about the Navy-Marine Corps Ball and how to attend, click here.




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