Military Care Package: Spreading the Joy One Box at a Time

4 10 2012

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be miles away from home for an extended period of time? Coming from experience, I’d have to say that it’s not fun. Sure there are plenty of things to explore in faraway countries, but that’s only when your sailor has the chance to get out and stretch his/her legs during a port visit. Most of the time is spent out on the water, and walking around in aimless circles can only be so fun.
Luckily there is something that you can do for your special sailor and that is to send a care package. A care package is where you put items into a box and ship it to your loved one to give them that little piece of home that they’ve been missing and to remind them that they are loved. Here are some tips to use to help plan what you should and probably should not place in the care package.
1. Single-ply toilet paper. Sounds silly and a little childish, but when you think about the limited stores that a ship can hold, I guarantee you that roll might save his backside at some point.
2. Toiletries: shaving cream, deodorant, tooth paste, face wash, lotion, sunscreen.
3. Undergarments: socks, undershirts, underwear
4. Powered detergent: liquid detergent is nice too, but is also capable of leaking if stored in the rack.
5. Movies or seasons of TV shows. If you’re able to get a mass storing device, and store as many movies and TV shows that you can onto it, which would be best.
6. Books and reading material. Better yet, I would recommend looking into a Kindle, since space is very limited.
7. Hard candy and powdered drinks. Kool-Aid and Crystalite are a favorite amongst sailors. I wouldn’t recommend sending chocolate or anything that has a high chance of melting.
8. Send pictures (PG rated), letters, and videos of home and the family. It’s the little things that count and keep us going.
For more information about care packages and what they’re all about, I would recommend reading Care Package FAQs Do’s and Don’ts of Military Care Packages by Sarah Smiley. I feel that she nails it on the head and goes to great lengths to give you a great set of guidelines to follow. Another great site that I would recommend would be Operation Gratitude. These people go above and beyond to enlighten the lives of those serving in the military.




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5 10 2012

Thank you for your blog and reminder that even though the twin wars are winding down, care packages are still essential because we have many wonderful men and women fighting over there.

I did my time over there and received many care packages. The thing I looked forward to more than anything else was something to read. I craved anything that was not war related or serious. Sports, motorcycles and car magazines were the best but I even read the traditionally women’s magazines as well. Good Housekeeping, Cosmo and People. My mind needed a break from the daily grind of death and destruction.

Most any music or movies you send, your troop can get a month later at the BX/PX or on the base computer server. I don’t know about life aboard a ship so I will not attempt to comment on their situation. Consider sending items, your spouse cannot get anywhere else. Pictures are great; items from the kids are wonderful. Please consider that any picture you send will be seen by everyone!

Again thank you for the reminder for care packages and thank your husband for his service!

8 11 2012

I respect & appreciate your service.

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