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13 10 2012

Is it really that big of a surprise that I help my wife with taking care of our child? It took two of us to make him, so shouldn’t it also take two of us to raise him? I’ve always been raised with the idea that I should help out when I can, so then the burden is less of a load. I’m not stating that our son is a burden, in fact he’s our pride and joy, but with our little bundle of joy comes the responsibilities of changing diapers and feeding and that can become tiresome when it’s every two to three hours. I can’t count how many wives, including my own mother, have been astonished at the fact that I offer a lending hand. The one thing that I do regret is that their husbands will have a little bit of explaining to do, depending on how the wives react to this revelation.
I guess I can say that I can see it from both sides. One spouse, or both, goes to work and comes back home feeling tired. The last thing that you would want to do is change a diaper and get the “goo from hell” on your hands, but let’s face it, it needs to get done. Whether you play rock, paper, scissors shoot, or draw straws to decide who changes the diaper this time, it’s very unfair to place all the responsibilities for raising a child on one parent. There are special circumstances, such as deployment and underways, but all other days, including the weekends are fair game in my opinion. When it comes to my wife, I try to help as much as possible, because it’s a way of showing that I care. I don’t care how long of a workday it has been, if she needs me to help, I’m there.
What I would recommend doing is take turns with the responsibilities. Obviously there are some that the men cannot perform, such as pumping breast milk, but we can provide changing assistance, bottle warming, and back rubs. Listen fellas, help your ladies out. They appreciate the help, no matter how stubborn they seem. The faster the kid gets taken care of, the greater the chances of the kid falling asleep… leaving mommy and daddy some time to themselves, which is precious and limited when taking care of a child.




One response

14 10 2012

I wish more men had your mentality. Go you! 🙂

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