New Mommy Accessories

16 12 2012

So I guess I will still consider myself a new mommy since our son is only a week and a half shy of 3 months. My husband had written a post earlier entitled “The War On Breastfeeding”, so I figured it’s about time I write a post about mommyhood. I was on my FB and this picture popped up on my newsfeed. I thought it was a pretty accurate (as well as hilarious) depiction of first time new mommies. Not to say that I never get dressed up, and I don’t always walk around with a giant goblet of water… but the majority of my time is spent in what I like to call comfy clothes with a baby attached to me.

Motherhood is HARD, very hard. No one really prepares you and explains how hard and exhausting it is. It is a never ending job. It is a 24/7/365 requirement. There are no days off, vacations, sick days. No sir. There’s no more “sleeping in” especially with an infant. Our son is on a feeding schedule of every 3 hours. I’ve tried to stretch it to every 4, but he’s not having it. He’s only just now starting to sleep through the night, but I’m soo used to waking up every few hours to feed him that my body won’t let me sleep a normal cycle yet. I am constantly tired and cranky, and I know that there are days where I take it out on my husband, but he’s been soo patient and understanding.

sleep inOk, now onto “New Mommy Accessories”:

1) Spit Up: It’s inevitable, no matter how much you try to avoid it, they will miss the burp rag and make it onto your clothes. Just think of it as their way of marking their territory. And it’s always when you’re just about to leave the house or just changed your shirt.

2) Nursing Bra: Yes, it is much needed with how HUGE your breast suddenly seem to become overnight. I swear in the hospital alone my boobs grew two more cup sizes as soon as my real milk came in. They’re soo huge and heavy that my normal bras were in no shape to support the massive cantaloupes that are now hanging from my chest. I never understood why some women go and get plastic surgery to have boobs this size because they are pretty annoying in my opinion. The nursing bras with the easy clip that you can undo with one hand are life savors, especially for those mothers who choose to breastfeed. You’ll learn that you’re going to need to do many things one handed.

3) Tumbler of water: Hydrate hydrate hydrate! It’s very important to drink water, especially if you’re breastfeeding. You don’t want to become dehydrated. You’re the primary caregiver to your child, so you should try to keep yourself in tip top shape because they are depending on you. Being sick won’t be an excuse as to why you can’t perform mommy duties. As I stated earlier, there are no such thing as sick days in the world of mommyhood.

4) Diaper Bag: Oh yes, the diaper bag of wonders. There you will have a full day’s supply of diapers, your wipes, extra binkies (pacifiers), hand sanitizer, baby powder, A&D Ointment or whichever cream you choose, nail clippers, baby brush, mini first aid kit, bottles for the day, burp cloth, change of clothes for baby, changing table pad, and a blanket (just in case it gets chilly). If you’re anything like me, I double my diaper bag as my purse to keep things simple, so in mine you’ll also find my wallet, car keys, sunglasses, lip gloss, lipstick, bobby pins, hair clips, and our bloggie to capture all the “interesting” baby moments to post onto FB for friends and family.

5) Baby Carrier: For our baby shower we had received as a gift one of those baby carriers that have all these straps and clasps. I’ve attempted twice to put it together to try to use it, but I’ve failed miserably. I don’t trust my assembly skills enough to endanger our son by putting him in it. Thankfully one of our friends gave me her Moby wrap. Best invention ever. Granted it’s a 10′ long piece of fabric that I tie around myself and stuff my son into, it works and I trust myself with it more.

6) Husband’s Shoes: I have been guilty of slipping on his shoes and sandals when I’ve been too tired and lazy to find my own. They may look like clown shoes on my tiny feet, but hey, when it’s 5am and your child is screaming bloody murder because they’re hungry and you don’t want to step on the freezing kitchen floor, you’ll slip on your husband’s shoes too, haha. I don’t know why my shoes disappear in the middle of the night when I need them, but his are readily available.

7) Burp Rag: This handy piece of cloth is often found around a new mommy’s shoulders as if it were a scarf. It completes what I like to describe the new mommy chic look.

All jokes aside, there’s nothing wrong with having these “accessories” as part of your wardrobe. In fact, most of these accessories may be herald as necessities. So keep on trucking new mommies, we’ll get through this. And it’s all worth it because it’s a very rewarding job knowing that we’re raising our children to hopefully be the people we would like them to be. So wear that spit up with pride because you know it’s there for a reason 😉




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