Why So Many Doubts?

19 12 2012

Dreams-DoubtsHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be out of the Navy? No more duty days, no more under-ways and no more deployments. That degree that you thought was impossible to achieve due to costs, can now become a reality through the use of your Montgomery G.I. Bill. These thoughts and opportunities are usually what drive Navy sailors to leave at some point when they’ve made up their mind that the full 20+ years of service isn’t for them. So if a sailor has enough reasons to leave and a burning desire to no longer be part of the Navy, what causes the sailor to suddenly reenlist?

My answer would be fear. Fear is a powerful emotion that plays tricks on its victims. It can make the most determined sailor think twice about their actions and the slightest let up in will causes that person to choose the safest road. Can you blame them? Times are tough. Everywhere we look there are people getting laid off, people struggling to pay off their mortgages and a pessimistic view towards the future. If you toy with the idea of leaving, you’re bound to hear about how the sky is falling down from your own Chain of Command. There will be talks about how the SRB’s (Sailor Reenlistment Bonus) are at all time highs and if you reenlist now, you can get that bonus once you sign the dotted line. But what if you were not deterred by all the negative news and the SRB carrot that they dangle in front of your face? Does the sky fall down and life as you know it cease to exist? Quite simply, no it does not. In fact, life goes on. It doesn’t stop and wait for you to catch up; you have to be flexible and keep up with it.

If you’ve been in the military service, at some point in your career you’ve used the do or die mentality to get the job done. All throughout boot camp, and every adversity that you’ve faced in the Navy has required the use of this mentality. The mentality works wonders if you believe, so why not use this same mentality when you get out? If you’ve already made up your mind about something, go ahead and go for it. So what if the naysayers say that it can’t be done. Let them be stuck in their own little world, while you deal with what’s going in yours. Plan for the future, set your goals high and get there with a determination like no other. I can guarantee you’ll surprise yourself.

This post is not to be read as a post to push sailors to leave. This post was written only to inspire sailors to think for themselves and not let the influences of money, or peer pressures affect their decisions to sign the dotted line again. I believe that if you reenlist, it should be for the right reasons, meaning you love what you do. So I say again, reenlist because you want to, not because your Chain of Command scared you into it, or hooked you with the bonus carrot dangling on the end of the stick.

If you’re still having doubts about what you want to do, don’t sweat it. It’s just your mind trying to decide whether you are, or are not content about what you’re doing with your life. A book that has opened my eyes and has made me see things in a different light is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Pick yourself up a copy and start opening your mind towards becoming a success.




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